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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Disentangle my Mind

When I first started this blog it was meant to be a hobby, mainly for beauty, food, fashion and lifestyle. But whilst walking along the pathway to life I tripped and ended up falling down the rabbit hole.
Every time I tried to escape something would drag me back down to the bottom of the hole. The more I tried the harder it became. You loose all energy and motivation and hope. That ray of light that once shone bright gets duller and duller everyday until your world is filled with complete darkness. You are a prisoner trapped inside your own mind.

I did not find psychology, psychology found me. My descent into madness is probably what got me to study the world of Sigmund Freud. I wanted my own insight into the deep dark thinking's of my brain in order to disentangle it.

The mind is a powerful thing you see it has the potential to take a human to the darkest edge of humanity and back. But in order to understand what feeds the darkness we must peel back ever single layer and find the root.

So many people are suffering in silence because there is such a stigma attached when it comes to our mental health. The word 'Mental Illness' still has connotations with isolated asylums built on top of rocks in the middle of the sea, where the criminally insane are locked up in solitude and forced to undergo barbaric therapies like lobotomies.

Only recently mental illnesses were separated into different categories otherwise they all fell under the same category. It's still such a fragile subject.

Instead of seeking medical help people try to self medicate. Alcohol being the drug of choice. People would rather drink their problems away instead of solve them. The more you think you have something under control the more it controls you.

Just like any other organ in the body that can develop an illness why is it so impossible to accept the mind can get ill too. You wouldn't tell someone with a physical illness like a  broken leg to walk it off, so why tell someone with a mental illness to get over it?  

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