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Monday, 31 March 2014

Outfit of the Week - White Lace Dress

Clocks going forward in the weekend can only mean 1 thing, It's officially Summer! Nothing screams Summer more then white! 

Vintage style white lace dress - £25 H&M 
Denim Jacket - Between £20-£30 Topshop 
Vintage Red Bag - £15 Beyond Retro 
Leopard Print ankle booties - £40 Dorthy Perkins 

New Blogging Schedule

One of my many New Years resolutions was to take my blogging more seriously as I went a bit awol in 2013. So I've decided to step up my game and create a blogging schedule which I am determined to stick to. A post a day. It will also be more organised as in each day will have a specific post rather then just being random. 

Monday - Outfit of the Week 
Tuesday - Review (Product/Makeup) 
Wednesday - Nails of the Week
Thursday - Hair style and product of the week
Friday - Healthy Food of the week (I will also keep an update on my diet and exercise) 
Saturday - Haul (If I go shopping)
Sunday - Lifestyle

Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Raw Food Diet

When it comes to dieting the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as like my Mother dieting isn't a choice it's a lifestyle. My weight has always been an issue for me, even though I am size 8 at the moment, I do tend to yoyo, so trying to maintaining my figure is a chore. I have been obsessed for years, constantly preoccupied with the food I eat and my size. I love reading up about celebrities and their diets as well as watching shows like secret eaters, super size vs super skinny etc. they get me motivated as I am always up for trying the latest health and fitness routines even if they are crazy.

During the Winter months I don't take my health so seriously as the horrible Winter weather makes me demotivated and house bound resulting in weight gain from the lack of movement and indulgence in comfort food. Fat Pig Syndrome. Who is going to see me under the big fur coat right? But then I have to remember as the months get hotter I will no longer be able to hide away behind my Winter coat so have to get myself ready in time for July as when the time comes to ditch the coat I can reveal my ideal bikini body rather then a Fiona Ogre. There is nothing more depressing trying to get a bikini body during the months you should be wearing one because before you realise it summer is over, you have no pictures in your bikini and your back to the Winter habits. Its a vicious cycle. 

Winter is the time of year where I crash diet as naturally I gain weight from the crappy food. Seasonal Affective Disorder for you, can be so depressing. Actually, not really S.A.D, just English weather. Making me fat. So anyhow when I get invited to go out what's a girl to do with a muffin top in such a short space of time? starve myself of course. Not exactly healthy but a short term solution. A quick fix. After all you alter yourself to fit the dress, you don't alter the dress to fit you. 

As Summer is literally around the corner it's time to take my health more seriously as achieving the perfect summer body requires time and dedication. Crash dieting may be a quick fix for a one off night out where you're in need of a flat tummy asap, but it's not good or healthy in the long run as it can leave you tired and run down. Also remember if you starve yourself too often your body ends up going into starvation mode where it starts to store fat because it doesn't know when it's going to get it's next meal so anything you eat will turn into fat - hello bingo wings, thunder thighs, muffin top and fat ass. Getting the balance right so you're not a hungry hippo but also not a plank of wood either. 

I have been researching the raw food diet and it appealed to me because it sounded very easy, not time consuming and definitely something I can stick too. The Raw food diet is basically self explanatory, it consists of  eating food that has not been cooked because apparently cooking food changes the structure of the enzymes so food looses all its nutrients. Raw carrots over cooked carrots any day. Naturally in the summer months when its hot I hate cooked food so tend to eat a lot of fruit, veg, salads, smoothies and sorbets anyhow. 

I will be combining the raw food diet with the 30 day squat challenge and the 30 day ab challenge along with drinking 2 litres of water a day. 

I have already made a start with this healthy medley of exotic fruit salad. A rainbow of fruit including papaya, passionfruit, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi and nectarines. 

Another reason why I love dieting is because I hate sticking to what I know, always good to mix it up. 

Irina Shayk is my ideal goal. New thinspiration

And who said dieting wasn't fun? 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Cara Delevingne for Mulberry

Just like the rest of the fashion world I have developed a girl crush for Cara Delevingne. I am Cara crazy. Effortlessly stunning and mesmerizing, with eyebrows everyone would kill for, is it any wonder Mulberry have snapped up the opportunity to take this beaut straight from the Victoria's Secret catwalk and make her the face of their new campaign. 

I have always loved Mulberry's creative campaigns, they're the ones that always stand out to me when I'm flicking through Vogue. I'm all about being fun, imaginative and out of the ordinary. I'm also very animal friendly which is why I loved this campaign so much and another reason why I love Cara. Parfait

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to motivate yourself

Recently I've been feeling like life has been passing me by as I've been rather lazy laying around in bed all day in my jammy jams with the tub of Ben & Jerry's. Sloth and Gluttony definitely the worst combination of the seven deadly sins. Enough is enough rather then thinking of all the things I should be doing I need to get out and do them. If like me you've fallen into a rut and have been feeling demotivated, uninspired, the feeling of existing but not living, it's time to turn that frown upside down. 

1. Start thinking positively. I am someone who looks at a glass being half empty rather then half full. I never used to be like that but I let life get to me turning me into a sponge for negative emotion. I never realised before but holding onto negativity is like being chained down, it's very draining. So to set myself free rather then focusing on the negative I have re trained by mind to focus on the positive. I've done this by looking at my day and thinking of all the positive things that have happened, I also look at my life and think how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food, water etc. Some people in the world find it a daily struggle to find food and water. I've recently got this tip from my friend its to stand in front of the mirror everyday for 1 minute and repeat 3 positive things you like about yourself. Eventually you will start to believe it. 

2. Get Up, Shower, Get Dressed. As soon as you wake up splash your face with cold water and have a nice cool shower with mint shower gel. It will make you feel energised and ready for the day. Getting dressed will also put you in a different frame of mind for walking around in pj's all day will just make you feel tired as your brain will understand you are ready for bed. There is nothing like the feeling of a clean pair of underwear anf fresh clothes. 

3. Eat healthily. Food like Pizza, Pasta, Carbs basically can make a person feel lethargic. This is why you see people after they've had a heavy meal take a nap. My body is very sensitive to the food I eat. If I eat lardy fatty food I feel heavy and tired, food coma. If I eat healthily I feel light and energised. Why I love to start my day off by squeezing the juice from a grapefruit. An excellent source of energy after all its a citrus fruit. Lots of water and green tea is important too. 

3. Get Active. One of the reasons why I miss my childhood was because I was a ball of energy. I've noticed I am someone who has to occupy my time with an activity otherwise I get bored. Whether its a part time job on the weekends, a gym membership or a hobby like swimming, horse riding cycling etc. Something to put my energy into so I'm not sitting around doing nothing. 

4. Change of Scenery. If you're stuck in the same place for too long it can actually drive you insane. Cabin Fever. Spending your days locked up in your room with the curtains closed instead of taking in the natural sunlight is practically like being banged up in a jail cell. Doesn't have to be a big change in scenery even just a walk in the park or visiting local museums, galleries, landmarks can do so much. 

5. Music. I love to listening to happy music because it reminds me of good times. My favourite: Daft Punk - Get Lucky, Pharell - Happy and One Republic - Counting Stars. 

6. Scent. Smell is an important sense to me because it triggers memories. I am in love with my new room spray. Glade Fresh Laundry. I love the smell of Fresh Laundry, reminds me of being outside on a warm Spring day in a meadow of fresh flowers breathing in fresh air. Just creates a nice positive feeling. 

7. Feng Shui your bedroom. I love tidying my room because I just cant focus with mess around me. Moving furniture around to create an inviting, cosy and fun bedroom will have a positive effect as you have created a positive environment for yourself. Also by tidying your room it helps you to tidy those messy thoughts in your head.  

8. Sleep. Having a good body clock is important, as going to bed and waking up in the wrong hours can waste your day and make you look and feel tired and run down. I like going to bed at 10pm as 10-12 is when the body recovers best, this is known as beauty sleep. I like waking up at 8am when the day begins because sleeping in till 12 just feels like such a waste of time and a waste of a beautiful day. 

The tiniest change in your daily routine and thoughts can really impact how you live and think about life. You only have 1 shot so get motivated, be spontaneous and make life count dont waste it away and wish, go get. 

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