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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder Review

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder in Number 10, worth every single penny. Holy Grail of all makeup once you go Chanel you never go back. 

Officially hit rock bottom, morphed into Rebecca Bloomwood and became the ultimate shopaholic. So I went a little crazy "Just going in for 1 lipstick" I told myself. A lipstick, a lip crayon, a blush, an eyeshadow quad and this powder later. But so worth it. 

Thought I'd just review the one for now. The Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder is self explanatory, opposite of a matte powder gives you a healthy looking glow in a natural looking Victoria's Secret model way not a greasy oily sweaty looking way. Absolutely beautiful flawless finish. 

No Filter just Chanel

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Perfume Collection

:Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, like Mother like Daughter I am the ultimate perfume addict. Though my collection is probably a fraction of my Mother's as she has a whole cabinet full. Btw I have collected these over the years hence most are a spray away from being empty. This was not a splurge. 

Escada - Moonsparkle 
Escada - Sunset Heat
Givenchy - Very Irresistible Givenchy Summer Sun 
Givenchy - Very Irresistible Givenchy Sensual 
Givenchy - Very Irresistible Givenchy 
Ghost - Sweetheart 
Ghost - Ghost 
Cacharel - LouLou 
Armani - The Armani Code 
YSL - Elle 
Paris Hilton - Heiress 
Dior - Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle
Valentino - Rock n Rose
Carolina Herrera - 212 Fruity Splash 
Nina Ricci - Nina 
Nina Ricci - Pretty Nina 
Dior - Midnight Poison 
Dior - Tendre Poison 
Marc Jacobs - Lola 
Victoria's Secret - Angel 
Dior - Miss Dior Cherie
Fendi - Extreme
Gucci - Guilty 
Kate Moss - Lilabelle 
Dior - Miss Dior 
Cacharel - NOA 
Paris Hilton - Paris 
Thierry Mugler - Angel 

I have since calmed down with my collection as before I found my signature scent I would get bored so easily and want a new scent every month. Then I stumbled across the amazing Thierry Mugler Angel. That scent is me in a bottle. Hence why I have 2 stars. One was non refillable but when I used it up I decided to purchase the refillable star and have refilled it twice since. It actually works out cheaper too. Buy it for £65 and refill it for £40. 

My top 5 out of my entire collection not including Thierry Mugler are; 
Marc Jacobs - Lola
YSL - Elle 
Valentino - Rock' n Rose 
Fendi - Extreme 
Dior - Miss Dior 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Outfit of the Week - Floral High/Low Skirt

It wouldn't be summer now without the injection of some flora in your outfit. As this outfit is all about the skirt which itself is a statement didn't feel it needed much so I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit plain and simple. 

Floral High/Low Skirt avec Brown Studded Belt - River Island £40
White Lace Crop Top - Miss Selfridges £10 (On sale)
Denim Shirt (A lighter alternative to a denim jacket) - Next £10

Didn't feel the need to picture the shoes as I would just wear simple white flats. Cute beige ankle booties would work just as well. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Teen Tatler does Jack Wills day out and Haul

So yesterday I got invited to be on the guest list for an exclusive Teen Tatler does Jack Wills event at the Jack Wills on Kings Road, Chelsea. As a fashionista it was an amazing experience for me because along with being able to meet the editor and chief of Teen Tatler magazine and taking part in a question and answer session, I also got a sneak peak of Jack Wills new summer collection through the fashion shows that were held. 

It felt very exclusive as it wasn't packed at all, only the people on the guest list were allowed to get in. Also probably why they chose to host this event in Chelsea rather then Central London. 

We were provided with refreshments and ice cream upon arrival yummy and promised a free gift if we purchased something in store seeing as everything was 25% off. Naturally I couldn't help myself sales are my kryptonite. So this is what happened... 

Highmoor Shirt in White/Pink originally £44.50 down to £33.38 (Saved £11.12)
Fullford Tee in Sage £19.50 down to £14.63 (Saved £4.87)
(Would have spent £64, only spent £48.01 (Total Savings £15.99) ) 
Thats what I call bagging a bargain

My Free gift, c'est tres chic wash bag avec body lotion and body wash which smells divine like an expensive designer perfume I just can't put my finger on which one, I'm thinking  Marc Jacobs Lola. 
I also got a tester of Benefit -The Pore Fessional. I don't really have a problem with my pores so never felt the need to purchase it but I have heard amazing things about it so might as well try it out if the tester is free. 

Keep Calm and Carry on Shopping 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Nails of the Week - Glittery Gold

So probably more suitable for NYE but I don't care because I am like a magpie when it comes to gold shiny glittery sparkly things. I love it. Never a wrong moment for Gold. 

Bottom Coat - MaXFactor GlossFinity 55 Angel Nails 
Top Coat - Barry M 351 Yellow Topaz Glitter

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Optrex Eyedew Sparkling Eye Drops Review

Keeping it short and sweet. Just thought I would mention the amazing effects of Eyedew by Optrex. Was never someone to use eye drops until one girls night out I noticed my friend had the most sparkling pair of eyes, more then usual. Was it the false eyelashes that gave such an illusion? or maybe she decided to wear contact lenses for the night. Neither. She introduced me to this magical elxir that claims to give you bright sparkling eyes in an instant. I heard about this stuff before but never really gave it much attention until I saw it in action. So naturally the next morning I headed over to Super Drug, because of course I need to make this my handbag essential, and to my surprise it was only £4.25! too good to be true. 

As a Uni student hungover and tired is a lifestyle, but no matter how much concealer or YSL Touche Eclat I use around my eyes the bloodshot whites would give it away. So I wasn't feeling too optimistic but decided to give it a go. 3 drops in each eye et voila after 10 minutes the redness was gone just bright and white. Like laser teeth whitening but for your eyes. Green eyes lacking lustre all of a sudden sparkled like emeralds. Parfait 

Remember the eyes are the nipples of the face so if you really want to mesmerize on a night out I'd recommend cat eyes, false eyelashes, classic red lipstick either Chanel or MAC Ruby Woo and a couple of drops of this heaven. 

Excuse, my second eye kind of looks a bit dodge as I squinted from the flash. No effects just my eyes 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Outfit of the Week - White Lace Dress

Clocks going forward in the weekend can only mean 1 thing, It's officially Summer! Nothing screams Summer more then white! 

Vintage style white lace dress - £25 H&M 
Denim Jacket - Between £20-£30 Topshop 
Vintage Red Bag - £15 Beyond Retro 
Leopard Print ankle booties - £40 Dorthy Perkins 

New Blogging Schedule

One of my many New Years resolutions was to take my blogging more seriously as I went a bit awol in 2013. So I've decided to step up my game and create a blogging schedule which I am determined to stick to. A post a day. It will also be more organised as in each day will have a specific post rather then just being random. 

Monday - Outfit of the Week 
Tuesday - Review (Product/Makeup) 
Wednesday - Nails of the Week
Thursday - Hair style and product of the week
Friday - Healthy Food of the week (I will also keep an update on my diet and exercise) 
Saturday - Haul (If I go shopping)
Sunday - Lifestyle

Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Raw Food Diet

When it comes to dieting the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as like my Mother dieting isn't a choice it's a lifestyle. My weight has always been an issue for me, even though I am size 8 at the moment, I do tend to yoyo, so trying to maintaining my figure is a chore. I have been obsessed for years, constantly preoccupied with the food I eat and my size. I love reading up about celebrities and their diets as well as watching shows like secret eaters, super size vs super skinny etc. they get me motivated as I am always up for trying the latest health and fitness routines even if they are crazy.

During the Winter months I don't take my health so seriously as the horrible Winter weather makes me demotivated and house bound resulting in weight gain from the lack of movement and indulgence in comfort food. Fat Pig Syndrome. Who is going to see me under the big fur coat right? But then I have to remember as the months get hotter I will no longer be able to hide away behind my Winter coat so have to get myself ready in time for July as when the time comes to ditch the coat I can reveal my ideal bikini body rather then a Fiona Ogre. There is nothing more depressing trying to get a bikini body during the months you should be wearing one because before you realise it summer is over, you have no pictures in your bikini and your back to the Winter habits. Its a vicious cycle. 

Winter is the time of year where I crash diet as naturally I gain weight from the crappy food. Seasonal Affective Disorder for you, can be so depressing. Actually, not really S.A.D, just English weather. Making me fat. So anyhow when I get invited to go out what's a girl to do with a muffin top in such a short space of time? starve myself of course. Not exactly healthy but a short term solution. A quick fix. After all you alter yourself to fit the dress, you don't alter the dress to fit you. 

As Summer is literally around the corner it's time to take my health more seriously as achieving the perfect summer body requires time and dedication. Crash dieting may be a quick fix for a one off night out where you're in need of a flat tummy asap, but it's not good or healthy in the long run as it can leave you tired and run down. Also remember if you starve yourself too often your body ends up going into starvation mode where it starts to store fat because it doesn't know when it's going to get it's next meal so anything you eat will turn into fat - hello bingo wings, thunder thighs, muffin top and fat ass. Getting the balance right so you're not a hungry hippo but also not a plank of wood either. 

I have been researching the raw food diet and it appealed to me because it sounded very easy, not time consuming and definitely something I can stick too. The Raw food diet is basically self explanatory, it consists of  eating food that has not been cooked because apparently cooking food changes the structure of the enzymes so food looses all its nutrients. Raw carrots over cooked carrots any day. Naturally in the summer months when its hot I hate cooked food so tend to eat a lot of fruit, veg, salads, smoothies and sorbets anyhow. 

I will be combining the raw food diet with the 30 day squat challenge and the 30 day ab challenge along with drinking 2 litres of water a day. 

I have already made a start with this healthy medley of exotic fruit salad. A rainbow of fruit including papaya, passionfruit, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi and nectarines. 

Another reason why I love dieting is because I hate sticking to what I know, always good to mix it up. 

Irina Shayk is my ideal goal. New thinspiration

And who said dieting wasn't fun? 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Cara Delevingne for Mulberry

Just like the rest of the fashion world I have developed a girl crush for Cara Delevingne. I am Cara crazy. Effortlessly stunning and mesmerizing, with eyebrows everyone would kill for, is it any wonder Mulberry have snapped up the opportunity to take this beaut straight from the Victoria's Secret catwalk and make her the face of their new campaign. 

I have always loved Mulberry's creative campaigns, they're the ones that always stand out to me when I'm flicking through Vogue. I'm all about being fun, imaginative and out of the ordinary. I'm also very animal friendly which is why I loved this campaign so much and another reason why I love Cara. Parfait

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to motivate yourself

Recently I've been feeling like life has been passing me by as I've been rather lazy laying around in bed all day in my jammy jams with the tub of Ben & Jerry's. Sloth and Gluttony definitely the worst combination of the seven deadly sins. Enough is enough rather then thinking of all the things I should be doing I need to get out and do them. If like me you've fallen into a rut and have been feeling demotivated, uninspired, the feeling of existing but not living, it's time to turn that frown upside down. 

1. Start thinking positively. I am someone who looks at a glass being half empty rather then half full. I never used to be like that but I let life get to me turning me into a sponge for negative emotion. I never realised before but holding onto negativity is like being chained down, it's very draining. So to set myself free rather then focusing on the negative I have re trained by mind to focus on the positive. I've done this by looking at my day and thinking of all the positive things that have happened, I also look at my life and think how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food, water etc. Some people in the world find it a daily struggle to find food and water. I've recently got this tip from my friend its to stand in front of the mirror everyday for 1 minute and repeat 3 positive things you like about yourself. Eventually you will start to believe it. 

2. Get Up, Shower, Get Dressed. As soon as you wake up splash your face with cold water and have a nice cool shower with mint shower gel. It will make you feel energised and ready for the day. Getting dressed will also put you in a different frame of mind for walking around in pj's all day will just make you feel tired as your brain will understand you are ready for bed. There is nothing like the feeling of a clean pair of underwear anf fresh clothes. 

3. Eat healthily. Food like Pizza, Pasta, Carbs basically can make a person feel lethargic. This is why you see people after they've had a heavy meal take a nap. My body is very sensitive to the food I eat. If I eat lardy fatty food I feel heavy and tired, food coma. If I eat healthily I feel light and energised. Why I love to start my day off by squeezing the juice from a grapefruit. An excellent source of energy after all its a citrus fruit. Lots of water and green tea is important too. 

3. Get Active. One of the reasons why I miss my childhood was because I was a ball of energy. I've noticed I am someone who has to occupy my time with an activity otherwise I get bored. Whether its a part time job on the weekends, a gym membership or a hobby like swimming, horse riding cycling etc. Something to put my energy into so I'm not sitting around doing nothing. 

4. Change of Scenery. If you're stuck in the same place for too long it can actually drive you insane. Cabin Fever. Spending your days locked up in your room with the curtains closed instead of taking in the natural sunlight is practically like being banged up in a jail cell. Doesn't have to be a big change in scenery even just a walk in the park or visiting local museums, galleries, landmarks can do so much. 

5. Music. I love to listening to happy music because it reminds me of good times. My favourite: Daft Punk - Get Lucky, Pharell - Happy and One Republic - Counting Stars. 

6. Scent. Smell is an important sense to me because it triggers memories. I am in love with my new room spray. Glade Fresh Laundry. I love the smell of Fresh Laundry, reminds me of being outside on a warm Spring day in a meadow of fresh flowers breathing in fresh air. Just creates a nice positive feeling. 

7. Feng Shui your bedroom. I love tidying my room because I just cant focus with mess around me. Moving furniture around to create an inviting, cosy and fun bedroom will have a positive effect as you have created a positive environment for yourself. Also by tidying your room it helps you to tidy those messy thoughts in your head.  

8. Sleep. Having a good body clock is important, as going to bed and waking up in the wrong hours can waste your day and make you look and feel tired and run down. I like going to bed at 10pm as 10-12 is when the body recovers best, this is known as beauty sleep. I like waking up at 8am when the day begins because sleeping in till 12 just feels like such a waste of time and a waste of a beautiful day. 

The tiniest change in your daily routine and thoughts can really impact how you live and think about life. You only have 1 shot so get motivated, be spontaneous and make life count dont waste it away and wish, go get. 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Smells like Spring - Top 5 Perfumes

So when it comes to perfumes I am a bit of junkie. They say the average women owes about 2, and I thought having around 30 in my collection was still small. I think I get it from my Mum. Even though I do have my signature scent which is Thierry Mugler Angel because it is the most amazing smell in the world and I understand why they make refillable bottles as I just can't get enough of the stuff, I do love testing out new smells as I just get bored. Also as a perfume junkie I believe it is important to switch it up during the year because every season has its own scents just like every season has its own colour palettes. Summer is all about super sweet and fruity smells, Autumn is all about the spicy smells, Winter is all about the musky smells and Spring is all about the fresh and floral smells. As Spring is only around the corner I will be switching to my all time favourite scents of Spring. 

Marc Jacobs Lola. Lets Just take a moment to talk about how amazing the bottle is. I've always loved Marc Jacobs packaging they never fail to disappoint. Tres chic. Anyhow not the best at describing scents here but imagine you've just picked a bouquet of fresh flowers of stepped into a field of daffodils on a warm Spring day. This is what this scent reminds me of. I like going on fragrantica.com as it deconstructs perfumes into top notes, middle notes and base notes. According to fragrantica Lola includes pink pepper, pear, ruby red grapefruit, peony, rose, geranium, vanilla, creamy musk and tonka. 

Miss Dior is definitely more Spring appropriate then Miss Dior Cherie which is more suitable for the Summer as it is fruitier and sweeter. Miss Dior is perfect for the Spring. A fresh cosy floral scent. Top notes are aldehydes, gardenia, galbanum, clary sage and bergamot; middle notes are carnation, iris, orris root, jasmine, neroli, lily-of-the-valley, rose and narcissus; base notes are labdanum, leather, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver.

Calvin Klein Euphoria. I think the name speaks for itself. The main notes are rose hip, Japanese apple, green leaves, Lotus, black orchid, red woods, black violet and amber. 

Gucci Guilty is a very light and feminine fragrance but equally empowering as its got the perfect combination between floral and fruit it transports you to a different realm. Gucci Guilty contains the notes of mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber and patchouli.

Elie Saab screams feminine scent. Its quite strong, a little overpowering rather then light and fresh like a typical spring scent. Its the fact that its purely jasmine based that separates it from the Summer scents and keeps it Spring. Similar to Thierry Mugler Alien which is just as strong but subtler when it comes to the jasmine. The perfume opens with notes of orange blossom. Jasmine is in the heart, including both Grandiflorum and Sambac, whereas the base consists of cedar, patchouli and rose honey accord.

My Top 5 perfumes, beautiful scents perfect for the Spring months worth checking out. You can definitely get high off these perfumes as thats how amazing they smell you won't be able to stop sniffing. 

other spring scents i'd recommend are; 

Nina Ricci - Nina 
Cacharel - Amor Amor 
Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle 
Viktor and Rolf - Flowerbomb 
Jimmy Choo - Jimmy Choo 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombres No 1 Review

Late on the trend here but ever since L'Oreal released their new Wild Ombres Brush on Dip Dye hair kit I have been wanting to try out this look. So have been doing some research and watching youtube tutorials and this really couldn't be any simpler. Ombreing, if that's even a word, has always looked quite fiddly to me  and I thought to myself if I'm going to get it done I should get it done professionally. Reason being when I used to work part-time at a hair salon I noticed that people with dark hair getting caramel highlights most of the time required a toner in order to get rid of the brassiness. Bright orange ends is exactly what I wanted to avoid when doing it myself as it's not like I have access to toner in my bathroom now. But after reading up on reviews it was clear to me that the ombre kit uses bleach that's a lot lower in % meaning the results are a lot subtle, a gorgeous caramel shade with no toner required as opposed to eye soring bright orange ends that would need emergency salon rescue. 

So I decided to take the leap of faith and purchased the Ombre kit in shade No 1 which is for light brown to dark brown hair. I hate instruction manuals and I'm not the type to follow but these steps really couldn't be any simpler to follow. 

To prepare make sure you have a tatty t shirt on with a towel and then you just mix the lightening powder and lightening cream in with the developer cream and shake it up. 

Next put on your colourist gloves because all you have to do is split your hair into 2 equal sections like you were to have 2 pony tails. 

Then get the brush that came with the kit and apply the mixture evenly all over the brush. Application onto hair couldn't be less messier and easier as you simply just brush the 2 sections of hair (From ears downwards, don't brush the top half of your head you want to avoid the roots). 

When that's done leave to develop for 45 minutes (I like to wrap each pony with tin foil whilst the colour is developing). 

After 45 minutes wash hair with the shampoo provided as it will help nourish and condition the hair as well as lock in moisture and colour. I did 2 shampoos and made use of Lush Daddy-O purple shampoo just to tone down any unwanted brassiness. 

When wet you can't really notice anything but when I dried my hair off I was really impressed with the results. Gorgeous subtle caramel ends exactly what the packet claimed to do and exactly what I wanted. 

This is a before and after of my ends. It's not actually as light as this, I didn't realise my camera was set to chrome effect so go figure. It's actually more of a Lily Aldridge/ Rachel Bilson Ombre. 

Also I ended up ombreing my extensions at the same time as my own hair because ombreing the extensions whilst they're in your own head will make them look a lot more natural when you next go to clip them in as the gradient effect will look the same. If you're brave enough you can have it in 3 layers going from dark to light to really light but I'm just not ready for that, though that does sound like the next step forward as I love experimenting with my hair. 

My Inspirations 

 Lily Aldridge (Currently my new favourite VS Angel) 

 Rachel Bilson 
 Mila Kunis 
Shenae Grimes 


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Review

Before I discovered the miracle or BB cream I was always looking for a way to make my skin flawless in a light natural looking way without the use of foundation. I don't mind wearing foundation on a night out but during the day even though I don't wear that much I still feel like I'm wearing a mask because of it's heavy consistency. I previously read about BB cream, all positive things so decided to give it a go. I'm so glad I decided to take the leap of faith and purchase this because it is a beauty sensation. (Retails at around £8) It's like a tinted moisturiser but better because it gives you the sheer coverage of foundation by instantly melting into your skin tone. Its light formula means you can get perfect looking skin as imperfections and blemishes are covered making your skin look luminous and picture perfect without the feeling of a heavy mask of makeup. Its really hydrating as it feels like its got some type of oil in it, in a good way meaning it does not dry the skin out unlike some creams. But in that case I would not recommend for those with an oily skin type as it could cause break out. It's perfect for my skin though as I have quite dry and sensitive skin so need something light and hydrating. It's quite dewy giving a nice natural looking healthy glow and it smells amazing very fruity. I love it because it just looks so natural you cant tell or feel it's even on. 

If you're someone who slowly wants to ween themselves off foundation but still have flawless looking skin I would definitely recommend this. The thing with foundation is once you apply it it looks good but then when you take it off it leaves the skin in a mess so of course you will want to cover up the damage foundation has caused with more foundation. It becomes a vicious cycle. Think of this as the nicorette of foundation. You're not stopping completely but you're using something less damaging to slowly ween yourself off so that if you get those days where you want to let your skin breathe and go makeup free you can. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

St. Tropez Tanning Regime

So I'm not exactly one of those girls that plasters myself in self tan and ends up looking like a walking advert for tango but during the Winter months I tend to feel slightly on the paler side just from hiding away behind a coat all the time. As I spent the entire 3 months of Summer covered in baby oil lying in the sun all day everyday I built up so many layers of tan that my skin as a result developed a permanent tan I guess, It just hasn't really gone back to being as white as it was before. I still have that nice Summer glow and tan lines believe it or not. Im not as bronze as I was in the Summer but I do get complimented on looking slightly sun kissed. Anyhow this is my tanning regime on how to achieve light subtle bronze tan skin not fake heavy orange gunk. All thanks to St. Tropez's 3 step tanning treatment and a tanning mit. 

 St. Tropez 3 step treatment includes a body polisher, a body moisturiser and a tinted self-tanning lotion. Purchased at TK Maxx for £15. A bargain in my eyes as it usually retails around £30. 

Velvo Tan Tanning mit purchased in Tesco for £4.99. They really make a world difference as your tan comes out streak free and hands come out stain free not to mention they are also reusable.  

 Step 1: You want to start off with a clean canvas so shave it all off and exfoliate. I personally prefer to use exfoliating gloves as I believe the skin feels a lot smoother then if I was to use just my hands. 

 Step 2: Moisturise. You want to make sure your skin isn't dry as nothing can be worse then self tan sticking to dry patches making your skin looking streaky. Along with the lotion I also use the Garnier ultimate beauty oil just to make sure there is extra moisture especially in those dry areas and so that it illuminates my tan. Lets not forget the feet now. You dont want a good looking tan with crusty feet will just defeat the purpose. Cant go wrong with Scholl. 

Step 3: Finally it's time to apply the tan. Using the tanning mit apply the self tan onto the back of the purple side and rub into body in circular motions. Start off with small amounts first because you can always build t up if you feel you need to. Even though St Tropez can be used for the face, for the face I chose to use a mosturiser specifically for the face which was the Dove Summer Glow. 

Step 4: Time to walk around naked for a good 1/2 hour whilst the moisturiser is absorbed into the skin. For best results it says apply right before bedtime as product may appear streaky why drying so showering in the morning the next day will reveal a beautiful natural Summer tan. To maintain tan apply 1-3 times weekly, moisturise daily and use St Tropez body polisher. 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bath Time with Lush: 'Shoot for the Stars' Bath Bomb

Nothing I love more on a Saturday then picking up my Lush box and choosing which bath bomb to use. Today I went for Shoot for the Stars. An amazing honey scented bath bomb that explodes into a rainbow of colour but then turns the water into a gorgeous navy blue with iridescent glitter sparkles. Resembling a clear starlit night sky. Perfect escape.



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