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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Secret to a faster metabolism


Screw all those celebrity diets that claim you can lose mountains of weight in weeks personally It's all a load of garbage to me. My secret to speeding up my metabolism and loosing weight has been drinking 3-4 cups of Green Tea a day. The reason why Green Tea is great to include in your diet if you're trying to drop a few pounds is because it is a natural laxative meaning you end up going to the toilet more frequently and not only that but it's also an appetite suppressant which means it gets rid of your cravings for food so you can avoid the snack attack and eat a whole lot less keeping those unwanted calories at bay. My favourite brand of Green Tea is Twinings as it gives a pure and natural light refreshing taste. To enjoy the taste of Green Tea and avoid it tasting bitter don't boil the water all the way as this will burn the tea and make sure to only leave the bag in for 1-2 minutes. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Babyliss Pro Twisted Twin Barrel Tong Review

I'm in hair heaven!! recently received these as a Secret Santa gift from my friend, she knows me well as I actually had twin barrels on my wish list so was over the mooon when I unwrapped my present to find these.  I am obsessed when it comes to curling my hair but there is nothing I hate more then neat bridal looking curls, the messier the beachier the more effortless they look the better - think Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl her hair looks like she just rolled right out of bed, I mean that in a good way. They allow me to achieve those desired S shaped curls everyone is raving on about. It's a step up from curling my hair with GHD Straighteners. 

Retail price I think is around £30-£40 which is cheap considering the quality of the tongs as well as the curls. 7 temperature settings means that they are suitable for any hair type meaning Synthetic - Afro hair. I love the fact that they also come with a complimentary heat resistant mat meaning I don't have to watch the surface I'm working on as I can simply lie them on the mat. 

They look scary to use but the whole going in a figure of 8 motion really becomes second nature. 

A Great hair tutorial to watch, if you want to know how to use these because this was exactly how I learnt, is Fleur De Force's 'Summer Waves with a Twist'

They're not the same Twin Barrel Tongs as mine but this will just give you a general idea of how to use them and what look you can achieve. Will definitely be a favourite look for the upcoming Spring/Summer  

Monday, 21 January 2013

Chanel VS Barry M - Nail Polish Dupes

Though I do love a good trip to the Chanel counter as there is just certain makeup the drugstore isn't cut out for like the Chanel Vitalumiere foundation, I'm never going back, when it comes to nail polish however why spend a costly £20 for a bottle when there is a cheaper alternative of £2.95 or better yet a bargain 2 for £5. No one would be able to tell the difference. Of course if you do come across a shade that is so gorgeous and unique then £20 is worth the investment. As I am quality over quantity I am impressed with Barry M because not only are they cheap their nail polish is thick and comes out opaque rather then runny, thin and translucent.

Barry M 305 Pink Flamingo makes a perfect alternative to...

Chanel 571 Fracas 

Feeling peachy? opt for Barry M 318 Peach Melba as opposed to...

Chanel 515 Peche Nacree 

Think Pink in Barry M 272 Shocking Pink 

Chanel 519 Rose Exuberant 

Feeling Fresh? Barry M 304 Mint Green VS...

Chanel 407 Jade 

Capture the Spring with Barry M 308 Berry Ice Cream VS...

Chanel 210 Lilac Sky 

Barry M 317 Blue Moon best dupe by far as not only is the colour identical it also manages to include the light pearly blue shimmer as seen by...

Chanel Riva 

Feeling Vampy? then try out Barry M 115 Red Black even the name is a translation of...

Chanel 18 Rouge Noir 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Appeals much to my disgust! It has been revealed that supermarkets like Aldi, Lidl, Teso and Iceland have been substituting their meat for horse meat in order to keep costs down. I have always led a champagne lifestyle on a lambrini budget simply because I am quality over quantity as snobbish as that sounds. But can you honestly blame me after a super market scandal like THIS!!! What SICK FUCK must you be to do this! I threw up in my mouth after finding this out I am revolted. This gives me reassurance that I made the right decision turning pescatarian. 

This hasn't been the first incident where so called quality meat has turned out to be complete and utter rubbish. Samples taken from McDonalds Big Macs found that they contained Cow Vaginal meat and their chicken burgers had in fact made use of diseased chicken. Yea it says 100% meat but it's not 100% quality it doesn't tell you what part of the meat they are using. You cannot trust where it comes from nor can you trust that a beef burger is actually made from beef and that chicken breast is actually breast and not some dirty part. 

I am also repulsed by McDonalds and KFC's cruel ways. Not only are their chickens battery farmed where they are crammed into cages stacked rows upon rows, many of them do not see the light of day, they cut off their beaks slit their necks and boil them alive. Kentucky Fried Cruelty and McDonald's all I can say is Badabababa I'm Hatin It!!! 

YSL Touche Éclat Complexion Highlighter Review

In LOVE with YSL Touche Eclat by far the best highlighter on the market. Remember it's not a concealer but a highlighter thats where most people get confused, nevertheless to say it illuminates is an understatement meaning you don't need a concealer. Nothing I hate more then panda eyes, all the foundations and concealers and highlighters I've tried have been heavy and dry and done a shit job quite frankly at covering up my eyes, they actually ended up looking worse as it would draw more attention making it look like I was trying to hide something (well I was). This highlighter is so light you can't tell it's on it gives a fresh radiant youthful glow making it look like it's naturally there and not makeup. Retail price £25 but it's totally worth every penny as you only need the tiniest amount (less is more), I've noticed with high end makeup it's more expensive but you use less as the coverage is amazing so you technically save more money, it's worth investing indeed.  Also I just love the design its so convenient perfect for if you're on the go as I usually apply my makeup in a rush so just wouldn't be bothered to deal with all these pots and what not.  

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Year = New Me

It's 2013 bitches, world hasn't ended like they said it was woo...

apologies for my absence this past couple of months, working during the Christmas period is pretty hectic indeed I would be lucky to get 1 day off let alone 2. But  I wasn't complaining as my weekly income went straight into Chanel and Victoria's Secret where else. Anyhoo now that January is dead I feel like I'm practically on holiday with my 4 days off meaning I can crack on with my New Year's resolutions. New Year New Me sounds so clique but why break the tradition as this is the only way I will stay motivated. 

1. On my list every year - To be more healthy (loose weight by drinking lots of green tea and becoming a Vegetarian) 

2. Start making use of my free gym membership on a weekly basis

3. Start driving lessons so I'll be one step closer to having that Red Ferrari :P 

4. Start a savings account (Might just have to do a Rebecca Bloomwood and freeze my credit card in a block of Ice or join Shopaholics anonymous) 

5. Continue blogging ( Didn't exactly keep to my blog post a day promise but I've kept this blog going haven't given up like I did with all my others. It's been over a year woo) 

Have been making a list of potential blog posts, it's hit 50 so far, so keep an eye out as these next couple of months will be very exciting indeed. Can't wait to start posting I promise I wont disappoint.  


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