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Monday, 9 July 2012

The Baby Food Diet

Believe it or not I actually find baby food delicious which is why I am all for the baby food diet. 
As gross as it sounds this diet along with exercise really is effective when it comes to loosing weight. 
It all comes down to knowing what baby food to buy because there is no point in trying to loose weight by forcing gross disgusting tasting food down your throat as that will never work. It's all about enjoying what you eat. This is exactly why when I'm on this diet I stay away from the icky vegetable flavoured pots and instead go for the yummy fruit flavoured ones as they basically taste like fruit sorbets. 

The diet consists of 2/3 meals being substituted for baby food. I choose breakfast and lunch

Breakfast: So I usually begin my day with either... 

The Cow & Gate Creamed Porridge

or The Cow & Gate Banana Cookie Crumble

 Lunch: Now onto Lunch...

Cow & Gate A Taste of Apple (Tastes like apple pie)

HiPP Organic Apple & Blueberry Dessert 

Dessert: I never forget Dessert after my dinner. But why ruin a good day of dieting with temptation when there is a yummy alternative...

Heinz Vanilla Custard puts Ambrosia and Angel Delight to shame

If you're feeling peckish don't reach for the cookie jar, reach for these instead...

Heinz Farley's Rusks. Taste B E A Utiful when dunked in milk (Semi-Skimmed) Forget the Oreos.   

Wish List

Charlotte Olympia Alice Leopard Booties as seen on the gorgeous Olivia Palermo.

Chanel IPhone Case 

Replace my gorgeous double finger snake ring which I lost :'( it was from Bijou Brigitte (Have been looking cannot find another wehhh) 

Double Barreled Curling Iron so I can wear my hair as lovely as Blake 

Dye my hair to the shade of Millie Mackintosh's. What a beaut! 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

When I think of Summer I think of...

Tropical Beaches with White Sand, Blue Sea and Palm Trees... 

Sipping Cocktails by the pool...

Licking Ice Lollies...

The smell of Summer BBQ...

Monday, 2 July 2012

Words of Wisdom

Floral dresses for summer 2012

Woo in a couple of days I will be out of this depressing country and in the sun sun sun sun suuun for well over a month. Seriously England has the most dreary weather ever, constantly cloudy and gloomy and rainy and I'm only talking about London imagine up North. When I'm older I'm moving as this is ridiculous, the sun and blue skies come out once every blue moon literally. I swear I have developed S.A.D due to the lack of sunlight. 

Packing for summer has gotten me all excited ahh. I can just picture it now, lying in a bikini by the pool with a Pina Colada in hand letting the rays of the sun slowly bronze away my night of the living dead skin complexion. 

So these are my all time favourite floral summery dresses which I will be bringing of course. To be honest my whole wardrobe is basically a summer wardrobe as I love bringing summer into winter. If you live in this country you will understand the concept of doing all you can to make yourself feel better about this shitty weather. 

 Miss Selfridges £10

 TopShop £30

 TopShop £25

Pull and Bear £20

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tribal Trend 2012

I am loving the latest tribal trend which has been a massive hit this Spring/Summer of 2012. Need to get my hands on a couple of these aztec-print/tribal-inspired pieces. The reason why I love this trend is because you can still look trendy and follow the catwalk without being a sheep as each piece of aztec-print/tribal inspired clothing is unique for the print as well as the colour varies. It's bold yet equally light giving off a slight bohemian vibe meaning you don't need to accessorise as you will look effortlessly chic. 

Aztec Print Leggings £20 Miss Selfridges

Multi-Coloured Aztec Print Leggings £12 AX Paris 

Aztec Print Leggings £20 Topshop 

Aztec Belted Dress £25 River Island 

Aztec Print Bodycon Dress £38 Topshop

Tribal Printed Headscarf New Look £2.99

Aztec Print Latino Suntop £26 Topshop 

Aztec Stripe Embroidered Crop Top £10 Topshop

Aztec Hotpants £32 Topshop

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