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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Little Miss Sunshine

I get bored of my hair colour easily which is why I like experimenting. Nothing drastic though as I am a blonde at heart. Right now I am some what between a honey/golden blonde think Blake Lively. For the past 2 years though I was a Taylor Momsen platinum blonde. I never planned to be that light but I became obsessed with becoming lighter and lighter it was sort of an addiction till one day I decided a change was in order as long platinum blonde hair is very hard to maintain not to mention it dries the absolute f*** out of your hair plus it made me look washed out. This colour on the other hand is very subtle and natural and wayy easier to maintain. 

To all fellow blondes these are the products that I personally think work best in maintaining a gorgeous shade of blonde. 

 John Freida Go Blonder Shampoo gradually lightens blonde hair for sun-kissed sparkle.
Lush - The Blonde solid shampoo bar. Just think of a natural, less damaging version of Sun In. It lathers very well for a solid shampoo and leaves the hair silky and shiny. According to Lush it's“A beautiful, creamy soft shampoo to gently cleanse and slowly lighten; the Blonde is for natural blondes who want to be blonder and bottle blondes who want to look like natural blondes. Chamomile infusion and flowers lighten the hair and soothe the scalp so we put scoops of that in. Then we add lemon, mandarin and orange to cleanse and brighten dull locks. Go from bland to blonde by washing with this daily.”

Marilyn hair treatment is a brightening hair treatment for all blondes. It Softness, brightness and adds shine for blonde hair. Marilyn is for blondes who would like to stay blonde and become even more so, in a gentle, shiny and natural way.It enhances golden tones as it's made with softening linseed gel, chamomile for lightness and to calm your scalp, saffron for golden colour, lemon for shine and olive oil to moisturise your hair. It also lightens gradually. The chamomile and lemon are the main ingredients that gradually lighten the hair with regular use which helps bring out the natural blonde colours.They also enhance the natural gloss and shine of blonde hair, which makes hair look more vibrant and healthy.

Daddy-0 shampoo a purple shampoo to stop blondes going brassy. An infusion of coconut oil, lemons and seaweed gives softness and shine, while the violet leaf, rose, bergamot and canaga oil create a scent that stays on your hair throughout the day. It resembles parma violets. The lime and other citrus juices cleanse the hair and give a glossy shine. 

 L'Oreal Silver Shampoo. Just like Daddy-O it stops blondes going brassy and keeps the hair bright and shiny. Not for everyday use as over using silver shampoo can start to turn the hair silver.
Tony& Guy Purple Shampoo. It helps to reduce brassy tones however I used this when I wanted to brighten my hair I never used it as a substitute for my shampoo because it dries out and tangles the hair making it unmanageable. It works as a toner but it the least moisturising so be prepared to use a generous amount of conditioner after. 

All purple/silver shampoos are created in order to reduce brassy tones. It maintains the bright creamy blonde and stops it from going manky tobacco yellow.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Freshhh Cleeean Feeel

I mean it when I say I am IN LOVE with these beauties! they have saved me time and time again from make up abuse. So I first came across the Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash in Cosmopolitan magazine as they were giving out a free tester. No harm will come out of trying it right? OMG already after just ONE use my face looked and felt a whole lot better, just more refreshed and cleansed more then anything. 

So when I used up the lil sachet I ran down to my local boots store and to my luck they had an offer, cant remember how much, so for now lets just say well under £10. Anyhow I got the Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash and Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. Both these products work really well for me as my skin is of mixed combinations and finds it very tricky to adapt to certain products for the upper part of my face tends to get quite oily whereas the lower part is very dry and sensitive. So using a product that's too strong will leave my skin dried out and sensitive with red blotches, contray to a product that's too weak as it leaves my skin prone to breakout. 

I'm not sure how its suppose to work but I find it most effective to use the facial wash in the mornings as its main purpose is to help eliminate spots and blackheads leaving a fresh clean feel. I use the daily scrub in the evenings however as I tend to wear a fair amount of make up during the day, so therefore find it more effective then the facial wash to remove any residue, plus it says it helps eliminate spots and blemishes leaving a fresh clean feel. The only time you may wish to use the scrub in the morning is if you went to bed with makeup on! Oh I hold my hands up high to say im guilty of doing that, but pleaseee no matter how tired you may be DONT! its such a crime and your poor face has to pay the price of this abuse, not to mention the amount of time you have to spend deep cleansing the next day. 

 Dont take this as the right way because this is based on my own opinion, what works for some might not work for others especially since everyone has different skin types. But in my experience I found that way to be the most effective.

Value for Money ☑ 
Was it effective? ☑ 
Would I repurchase? ☑ 

+ Its Pink
 and it smells sooooooo goooooood! 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Aly Michalka Diet

So recently caught up on season 1 of the Hellcats only to hear that it won't be coming back for another season because it was cancelled. Shame cus I was starting to get pretty into it. Anyhow I couldn't help but notice how amazing Aly Michalka looked. I would kill for that body. Definitely my new girl crush.

Along with kickboxing she has a pretty hardcore workout. Will definately be trying this out as of tomorrow!!
She also makes sure to drink 2L of water a day. Finally a workout I can get into. If those abs aren't motivation enough then I don't know what is. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's day all you single ladies

As usual single on Valentine's day. Some sit at home feeling sorry for themselves but why?  I quite enjoy the single life no complications. All the single ladies have as much right to celebrate. I would go out but my 2,500 word essay isn't going to write itself. Soo nothing like sitting at home watching Gossip Girl's Valentine special whilst making dangerously over indulgent cupcakes. Who needs man candy when I've got actual candy. Valentine's day what a perfect excuse to get fat and over indulge.   

Wish mine were as good as these...

Cute or what

Follow the yellow brick road

Yes I am in fact referring to my teeth! ok maybe a slight exaggeration but they're not exactly Hollywood white. I've always wanted to get my teeth whitened professionally but paying £300 atm is not going to happen until I get a part-time job fingers crossed.

Brought this tooth whitening kit at Superdrug for around a £5. It claims to make your teeth 4 shades whiter in just a week!! sounds too good to be true so we'll just have to see in a week whether or not this was wort giving into the hype.

For this to have the full effect I must make major changes to my lifestyle I'm talking cut down on the sugar, coffee and tea (unless its green)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Chocoholic wishlist

I have many guilty pleasures but chocolate is by far my gultiest. It's not so much the taste of chocolate but more the smell that I love hence why I go crazy when it comes to chocolate scented products. Hoping to get my hands on these goodies to satisfy my chocolate cravings.

Philosophy Just Because Chocolate Scented Shower Gel Trio

Philosophy Classic Fudge Cake Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

Serendipity chocolate bubble bath and shower gel


Serendipity chocolate shampoo and conditioner


Giovanni sugar scrub in hot chocolate


Chocolate Cupcake Ice Cream Sugar Scrub

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Soap and Co Nail Kit

The good thing about being stuck at home because of the snow means I get to have an all day pampering session. This is where I whip out my bath bomb, face mask and nail kit.
This one is my absolute favourite I only ended up buying it because as I was walking through Westfields I got stopped by one of those Soap and Co sales rep people. Usually I ignore them but the woman was so lovely I was like well ok I suppose there is no harm trying it out. I'm so glad I did because this stuff is actually ah-mazing!  

The kit I got was in passion fruit. It comes with a nail file, a nail buffer which makes the nails unbelievably super shiny, cuticle oil and hand/body lotion. The lotion smells divine and lingers on the hands all day. Also the fact that it's got ingredients from the dead sea as it's made in Israel means it leaves your skin smooth soft and protected. It's also light and refreshing rather then heavy and greasy.   

This was in the sales down from £35 to £25 but I only paid £20 as I was with my friend and the woman made us a deal that she would sell us 2 for £40.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Secret to smooth soft lips

Already on my second pot. Absolutely loveee this stuff!! 
Unlike other exfoliaters this one is actually made out of real sugar crystals that provide enough gentle exfoliation to turn dry chapped up old lips into a lushcious (pun intended) pout. The sugar crystals are the perfect size meaning they do the job without leaving the lips raw afterwards.
This pot is only £4.99 which is fairly cheap considering it lasts for quite a long period of time. 
Application is really simple just apply it onto your lips, leave it on for around 5 mins and as it's bubblegum flavoured you can actually lick it right off. Just tastes divine.
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